ollowing global trends, the use of virtual platforms has now become critical for the future of the industry.  Out of all other creative jobs, animation and game outsourcing production pipelines are the most stable and continue to produce content and work amid the pandemic.

Thank you from Animae Caribe 2020//

The 19th Edition of the festival took place on Friday 30th – Saturday 31st October 2020 with a dynamic, online experience which was heightened by interactive lectures, demonstrations, industry leadership sessions, an interactive island and a VR closing party featuring Freetown Collective in a 3D Animae Caribe AltSpace. 

This event could only be possible through a unique collaboration with creatives throughout the Caribbean.  We are pleased to partner with creatives, animators, developers, artists, sound engineers from the Caribbean and the Diaspora who made this possible. 

Thank you to an amazing team of Sponsors and Partners who have made
Animae Caribe – The Virtual Future – a reality.

AC20 Cinema Post Festival Screening//
Friday 6th November, 2020//



Our 2020 Sponsors //

Animae Caribe 2020 Partner Events//

This year Animae Caribe has come together with partners from around the region to offer a series of virtual events to empower, facilitate discussion and education with Diversity and Inclusion leading the way.

Our 2020 Partners//

Schedule// Friday 30th October, 2020//

Morning Session
9:00AM -10.00AM

Industry Partners Panel Discussion: The Virtual Future

Trinidad and Tobago’s Full Circle Studio Managing Director Jason Lindsay, Ghanian Director Sam Querty, US based LGCY Of The People Network CEO Tim Reid, Nairobi’s Apes in Space Animation Studio, Kwame Nyong’o together with Camille Selvon Abrahams discuss collaborations, co-productions and content for the world. With over 300 million members of the diaspora hungry for content, champions in the field connect and share.

10.30AM -12.00PM

AC20 Diaspora Series – Connecting Through Content

An online opening with special guests and VIP Minister, IDB, UTT and Industry Partners. The opening includes the Virtual cutting of the animated ribbon for the TAMANA Outsourcing Hub and a Virtual Tour.

Afternoon Sessions
2.00PM – 3.00PM

Voice Acting For Animation

Voice Acting For Animation with Anthony Sardina and Michael Cherrie. Workshop for actors. Anthony is a Toronto based, Tobagonian raised, voice actor who has lent his vocal talents to various animations, indie-games, commercials, radio ads, and more. Michael Cherrie is a Trinidadian based actor, known for The Rise and Fall of John Tesoro (2010), Flight of the Ibis (1996) and The Mystic Masseur (2001). This workshop is for actors.

3.00PM – 3.30PM

The impact of the “Global Services Grant on the Animation Sector: two years later.

In 2018 several animated projects were supported by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Awardees will discuss outcomes, challenges and the future of our industry.

3.30PM – 4.30PM


Creative Tech Hub Caribbean will be hosting a #TechAmplifiesCreativity session consisting of a pitch and discussion on how Caribbean Talents can leverage from Suriname’s assets when it comes to Creative Industries.

Evening Sessions
4.30PM – 5.30PM

Avengers Sidney Kombo.

Congo born Sidney Kombo -Kintombo joined Weta in 2015, prior to which he worked at Framestore, London & Industrial Light & Magic. He was a Senior Animator on Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar winning Gravity, & Sequence Supervisor & Character Lead Animator on Rocket Raccoon’s performances in the first and second ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. His work can also be seen on the 2016 ‘Jungle Book’ remake. Mainly, he is known for his supervising roles on Avengers: Endgame (2019), War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018) For which he won several awards.

6.00PM – 8.00PM


Celebrating the art of animation, AC20 will be screening two hours of wonderful animated shorts from around the world. Films that celebrate diversity and inclusion with sprinklings of a selection of Caribbean animations that are blasts from the past.

Schedule// Saturday 31st October, 2020//

Morning Session
9.30AM -10.30AM

Newbies to Animation & Digital Media

Experiences from Caribbean children and youth on launching into the world of animation. Inspiration and motivation for all newbies to animation!

10.00AM -10.30AM

Opening Launch and Discord Server ‘Tour’

Join AC on Discord as we launch the main day of our virtual and interactive experience

10.30AM -11.15AM

VIRTUAL STAGE 5 Lion Forge Animation Studio.

The first African American run animated studios set to produce Oscar Winning short ‘Hair Love’ to series development. How did that happen?

11.15AM -11.30AM


Visitors take a walk around the Fidelity Lounge, visit booths, network and have a blast meeting guests of the festival.

11.30AM -12.15PM

VIRTUAL STAGE 6 Jamaal Bradley – Authenticity In Animating Our Stories

Visitors take a walk around the Fidelity Lounge, visit booths, network and have a blast meeting guests of the festival.

12.15PM -12.30PM


Visitors take a walk around the Fidelity Lounge, visit booths, network and have a blast meeting guests of the festival.

Afternoon Sessions
12.30AM -1.30PM

Gaming with GATT

A special regional Gaming Industry and community event organized by the Gaming Association of Trinidad and Tobago

1.30PM – 2.15PM

VIRTUAL STAGE 7 Writing and Creating Content for Animation.

Jeaunanna Alkins; Creative Director of WHYFARM and Founder of Everything Slight Pepper & Jennifer Lupinacci; Creative Development Producer, Former Producer for WGBH, PBS Kids and Jim Henson’s Company both talks to writers with ideas.

2.15PM – 3.00PM


Visitors take a walk around the Fidelity Lounge, visit booths, network and have a blast meeting guests of the festival.

2.15PM – 3.15PM


Expert Talk by Professional Illustrator, Ryan James, who has worked on both small and large scale projects here in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.

3.00PM – 4.00PM

The Caddy Club 2D Character Design competition

Get into the swing of 2D character design with industry tips and an opportunity to compete for a cash prize

Evening Sessions
4.00PM – 5.00PM

Wi JANNing Live Stream

Interviews, Animated shorts, Pre-recorded & Live Demos presented by JANN

Doors open at 5.00PM
Showtime: 5:30PM- 7.00PM

Virtual Reality Closing Lime with FREETOWN Collective

The Animae Caribe audience has the fantastic opportunity to experience our first virtual closing lime with the amazing Freetown Collective!

Friday 31st October 2020 from 5pm to 7pm


 9:00PM- 10.30PM


Tune into our Animae Caribe Livestream for Dark Night and watch our selection of short films

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