ollowing global trends, the use of virtual platforms has now become critical for the future of the industry.  Out of all other creative jobs, animation and game outsourcing production pipelines are the most stable and continue to produce content and work amid the pandemic.


Business Development

Animae Caribe takes a delegation of talented creatives representing Trinidad and Tobago to Kidscreen Summit in February 2019. At a recent ceremony to congratulate the delegation, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon re-iterated the point that Trinidad and Tobago possesses some distinctive characteristics that can make this country a key supplier for outsourced animation work from North America and other regions. Some of these are: ‘having English as our first language; our time zone proximity to North America which makes it easier to conduct business; our strategic location between Europe and North America; our westernized approach to storytelling which is relatable to North American viewers; and of course, our education system”.

1. The Incentive
There is a significant rebate incentive structure of between 32.5% (12.5 on overall local spend + additional 20% key technical human resources) to 55% (35% on local overall local spend + additional 20% on key technical human resources)

2. Resource Pool / Experience
A pool of existing animators with experience in outsourcing service work. A robust network of freelancers and independents both in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean that have the skillset to do outsourced animation and gaming projects.

3. Infrastructure / Support System
A growing human resource ecosystem for the support of the industry primarily via the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s degree program. PLUS a robust wireless technology network, Digital fibre optic backbone network (FOBN); Nationwide radio microwave terrestrial network; Next
generation networks (NGN), characterized by the use of Internet Protocol (IP), Multi-Protocol Switching (MPLS) and Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM).