AC23 Big Thinkers Winners//

We are excited to announce the top 6 pick by the Big Thinker Team in the UK. We know that they had a tough time, but they finally made their choice. The submissions were so competitive that they decided to choose 6 ideas for the pitch instead of the initial 5. Please see the shortlist for the Big Thinkers pitch and another shortlist below for 10 that were selected for the Caribbean Creatives Pitch accelerator. Where producer Elliott Palmer and other experts will work with the 10 to improve on the idea and so become pitch ready. This will also include assistance with designs and illustrations for your Pitch Deck. All 58 applicants are winners also as everyone will receive an all access pass to Animae Caribe Festival 2023. The team will be in touch with additional info and social media content.


  1. PB & The Buck – Shane Lee Kit
  2. Moko Go – Kirsten Emmanuel
  3. Hatch! – Jeunanne Alkins
  4. Mikaela and the Magic Pen – E-Pixl Studios Tobago
  5. Cascadoo – Hannah Seucharan
  6. Wallflowers – Thomas K Jemmerson

All six projects will be pitched at AC23 and ONE will be selected to go into funded development with the Big Thinkers team.


  1. Cairi – Mathew Hudson
  2. Not Just Justin – Tabeel Arthur
  3. Loup Garou – Arminda Bailey
  4. Everything Irie – Darryl Foster
  5. Coconut Island – George Hay
  6. Burtie – X Gittens, A Adrian, C Small
  7. Relics – S Archer, A Clover
  8. Guava Jam – Pardina S Fessale
  9. Panthera – J Cutting, X Gittens
  10. Agriman – Alpha Sennon

These 10 will be mentored by development producer Elliott Palmer for further development for the Animae Caribe 2024 Catalogue and global festival tours. You will have your one-on one with Elliott at Animae Caribe Festival but will need your all access pass. A link will be shared soon for that.

All 58 applicants will receive an all-access pass for Animae Caribe Festival.

All 58 applicants will receive an Animae Caribe Festival gift bag.

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