ollowing global trends, the use of virtual platforms has now become critical for the future of the industry.  Out of all other creative jobs, animation and game outsourcing production pipelines are the most stable and continue to produce content and work amid the pandemic.


Animae Caribe Mascot Competition 2017

Animae Caribe Mascot Competition 2017

Design our AC17 animated mascot for a chance to win prizes and meet the animation celebrities at Animae Caribe Animation and Digital Media Festival 2017.  You have the creative freedom to develop a character of your choice.  The only request we have is to make it fun, light and meaningful. It can be a variety of shapes, sizes, human, animal, creature, monster, alien… just follow the few simple rules below

  1. Illustration must be digital
  2. Design must be in colour
  3. Character must have a name
  4. Character must have a back story (BRIGO the bison comes from Caroni… yada yada yada) Up to 150 words.
  5. Deadline June 20th 2017
  6. Send info and design to
  7. Submissions will be judged by a panel of industry professionals here and in the region.

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