Animation on the Bus

Animation on the Bus


Animation graduate students from the UTT Animation Studies programme took to the communities to share their skills for the start of the ‘Animation in the Community’ series.  This year Animae Caribe Festival through the support of the Film Company of Trinidad and Tobago, partnered with YTTEP training agency to take animation to countrysides.  Starting in Rio Claro the YTEPP Bus will drive to Mayaro and then head to Toco, Maracas, Valencia, Couva and other rural areas throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The aim of the project is to allow youths in rural areas to be exposed to the potential of ICT services and in particular animation and digital media.

Carla Foderingham, CEO of Trinidad and Tobago Film Company, sees this as a major apsect to their partnership with the Festival. Youths in the communities visited, will participate in intro-courses in 3D and 2D animation as well as a screening and presentation of UTT winning animation student film ‘Solitary Mesa.’ The animators Joel Charles and Cassius Humphrey will also demonstrate how they created their film.  The idea of using students to conduct the workshops is a way to encourage youth participation. Seeing their peers share the knowledge of animation, will show the youths that this as a viable option as far as education. Animation is now available at YTEPP and a Diploma at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. These training opportunities feed into the growing pool of animators needed to make the industry grow.

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