Caribe Folk Noir

Dark Tales from the Caribbean | Sand, Sea and Sin

Seven shorts… Seven Caribbean Directors


EGO SUM by Adrian Lopez

A wayward spirit awakes devoid of memory or mandate. As it explores its surroundings, lost recollections return, culminating in the realization of its Great Purpose.



ORICHAS: Ermitis Blanco

Ochun goes down to earth only to lose his powers. His love for young mortal Abel, creates havoc as Chango and OGGUN try to take her back, sparking chaos in the city.



PB & THE BUK: Shane Lee Kit
Trinidad & Tobago

Local folklore legend Papa Bois, aka PB, and Winston “the Buck” has a complicated friendship. Both are Caribbean folklore icons trying to make it in a human world.



Trinidad & Tobago

In search of their inner Jab Jab, the search for inner truth sends Daisy and her pals on a trail to outer world experiences.



KIANGO: Christian Mirra

A tale of a renegade warrior on a mission to divert a path to destruction. Where would this mission take him… no one knows.



TOL: Saïdou Bernabé Yoane Pavadé

In the outer world their mission opens up insurmountable challenges that takes the team to a journey way beyond their understanding.



PT Exterminators: Mathew Hudson
Trinidad & Tobago

A new evil threatens the galaxy and it”s up to some pest controllers to stop it.

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