ollowing global trends, the use of virtual platforms has now become critical for the future of the industry.  Out of all other creative jobs, animation and game outsourcing production pipelines are the most stable and continue to produce content and work amid the pandemic.



Animae Caribe’s Animation and Digital Media Festival is the Caribbean’s biggest and most prestigious animation festival, providing a platform for the development of animators, as well as the exposure of animation as a viable business.

The Animae Caribe Festival attracts top animators from studios such as Dreamworks, Aardman, Pixar, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon to Trinidad and Tobago to present and host workshops for potential, novice and professional animators. The festival is based on information sharing so that participants can gain vital information on trends and career possibilities in this dynamic industry.

Since 2001, Animae Caribe has been a platform to raise the awareness of animation and technology in the Caribbean.  It continues to provide an outlet for innovative animators in the Caribbean to develop, expand and showcase their talents to a wider local and international audience.

With a base in Trinidad and Tobago, the festival has had the opportunity to showcase the showcase similar festivals in  Barbados, Jamaica, Suriname and recently showcased an Expo in Washington courtesy the International Development Bank (IDB).