Project 3: Bim and Bam


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.40.18 PM

Project Name: Bim and Bam

Synopsis: Bim and Bam are curious 6-and-a-quarter-year old twins who get caught up in ridiculous adventures while on vacation with their family. At each stop on the trip, their parents tell them about an unusual indigenous creature that they are hoping to spot. While the adults are distracted, the twins wander around and stumble right into the creature, who confesses a peculiar problem.

Each new friend has a distinct personality – which naturally leads to all sorts of escapades. Will the twins manage to stick together through thick and thin? Will they have a few laughs while exploring new things/places/concepts? The potent pair relies on instinct, curiosity and teamwork to figure things out as they explore the amazing world around them. Thankfully, a combination of their bright ideas, some superhero tools and the help of a few bird friends makes nothing impossible!

Creators: Everything Slight Pepper

Type of Animation: Children’s Series

View trailer below!

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