The Animae Caribe Bmobile Stopmo-Phone Competition//

The Animae Caribe 2021 | Bmobile Stopmo-Phone Competition is a stop motion competition for creators across the Caribbean, 12 years and up.
Create your own stop motion video of 30 – 45 seconds or more, with your phone and win great prizes! all sponsored by Bmobile.
All you have to do is create – submit – collect votes – and WIN!


In celebration of our 20th Anniversary we are pleased to announce the Animae Caribe Bmobile
Stopmo-Phone Competition. The competition is open to any aspiring filmmakers in the Caribbean.
Moving into the future this partnership is calling on members of the public to submit
stop-motion clips with a minimum length of 30 seconds and maximum length of 45 seconds.
These must be produced using
smartphone/mobile device technology only
Stop motion is a niche style that has growing in popularity despite often being classified as “old
school.” It is attributed to the likes of popular films from award-winning companies like Aardman
Animation and Laika. These include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Kubo and the Two
Strings, Missing Link and Chicken Run.
There are no restrictions to the participation in this competition therefore every smartphone
user who resides in the Caribbean is eligible. Past Animae Caribe guest and animation director
from LAIKA Studios in Oregon will give an online masterclass and head the Jury for selection of the

The deadline for submission is October, 1st.


•Animae Caribe Training Workshop at the UTT Tamana Campus Stop-Motion Lab.
• 100 Bmobile $100 Phone Cards
• 20 Annual Bmobile Data Plans
• 10 Tablets
• 100 Animae Caribe Festival (Sponsor Branded) Memorabilias
• 10 Animae Caribe Festival (Sponsor Branded) Hampers
• Winners submitted to international Smartphone Film Festivals


Lockdown but NOT Down. This theme can be interpreted by the creators in any way they see fit. The aim is to focus on the positive aspects of being in lockdown or locked out. Every situation is an opportunity dressed up as a challenge.


1. This competition is open to all Caribbean nationals.
2. Entries could be submitted by individuals or groups. (Groups must not exceed 3 persons.)
4. Only films using smartphone or tablets are eligible.
5. Only stop-motion films are eligible.
6. Multiple smartphones or tablet devices may be used.
7. Editing video and using copyright free sound and music is encouraged.
9. No form of nudity, profanity, and racist content will be permitted.
10. Films must be suitable for all ages.

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