ASIFA Congratulates Animae Caribe

ASIFA Congratulates Animae Caribe

asifaIt’s hard to believe that the Animation Industry is well over US$220 Billion in revenue.  This could very well mean we are now in the second Golden Age of Animation.  And with technology exponentially expanding, the need for quality animation continues to rise.  The list of uses for animation is endless and continues to grow.  And that’s not to put aside the increasing movie, television, and game industries that are still swelling and multiplying.

It is with this thought that ASIFA welcomes one of its newest chapters ASIFA Caribe to the family of international animation.  ASIFA, the International Animated Film Society, has seen many changes over its 50+ years in existence and is delighted in seeing the creation of this wonderful art form brought to a beautiful area allowing for the expansion of the art into a new and diverse culture.  ASIFA looks forward to the films that will continue to rise out of this area and be shown to the global audience.

It is extremely important to have a new region, like that in Caribbean, that will be creating cultural-centric animated films to present to the world the ideas and thoughts of its people.  It is equally important that regions that have a high animation output, such as the USA or Japan, have a place to be able to outsource the creation of their animated films.  It seems that with the ASIFA Caribe chapter, the building of these bridges to create and present animations, whether films or avatars or games, will be able to happen more fluidly.

Along the same notes, I would like to proudly congratulate Animae Caribe on announcing its upcoming 2013 edition of the festival.  The festival is located in a great area and should be able to attract visitors from the world over.  Now holding its 12th edition, the festival promises to reach more areas of the Caribbean and bring the art of animation out to many underserved areas of the region.  Please join me in raising a toast to an up and coming star – the Caribbean Islands and its animation festival, Animae Caribe 2013.

Asifa President, Ed Desroches

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