British Council supports Animae Caribe

British Council supports Animae Caribe


British Council Cuba and the Caribbean is excited to be supporting the Animae Caribe Festival 2013. A long-awaited partnership, we are thrilled to support the Festival founded by Goldsmith graduate Camille Selvon-Abrahams whose contributions to the UK also include her early professional career in Animation. Wanting to give something back to the Caribbean, she returned to Trinidad and Tobago and started the Festival thirteen years ago. Key players in the UK Animation industry have been integral to the startup of the Festival and so British Council supporting the programme this year will celebrate UK contributions in the past, but more importantly, will help maintain the strong UK link to Animae Caribe and will bring the best and newest of UK expertise in animation across all spheres of the industry to Trinidad and Tobago.
This partnership is set to grow as Animae Caribe sets its sights on other Caribbean territories developing the best talent of the Caribbean. Likewise British Council Cuba and the Caribbean are embarking on spreading its services to other Caribbean territories with the best that the UK has to offer.
Digital Animation is an important focus for British Council produced projects like ‘Animate’, which features animation shorts. As part of our wider film programme, animation shorts do make it to international Festivals and partnering with Animae Caribe will allow us to grow opportunities for Caribbean animation in the UK and vice versa along with student exchanges to animation studios and colleges.
Animae Caribe will feature the best of the UK in the person of Peter Lord of Aardman Studios and his internationally acclaimed film, “Pirates! Band of Misfits”. Also to attend are Royal College of Art Professor Joan Ashworth, Hugo Sands of Passion Productions and Ramsay McBean of Melwood Studios. We wish Animae Caribe and all participants the best for the 2013 edition.

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