The Great 8 Animae Caribe Projects

The Great 8 Animae Caribe Projects

By Everard
McBain & Dixie
Ann Archer
 Celflux is a superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure,
about OKIRA. A young, benevolent, kind-hearted
priestess who becomes the involuntary leader of a
disjointed group of strangers, whose choices can
influence the fate of the planet.
Banana Boat
By Denny Ablack
& Navid
An inventive orphan turtle Ma’Shell and his hilarious
musician buddy Yellow Bird must work for Don Cook,
the conniving owner of a Banana Boat, in order to
survive, travel and solve the mystery of the
disappearance of their friends from Volcano Isle.
Bim and Bam
By Everything
Slight Pepper
 Bim and Bam are curious 6-and-a-quarter-year old twins
who get caught up in ridiculous adventures while on
vacation with their family. At each stop on the trip, they
encounter unusual indigenous creature and while the
adults are distracted, the twins wander around and
experience great adventures
By Mathew
A young warrior who vows to be the strongest chief,
negotiates the challenges of life and the dangers
of the world with his friends and fellow tribe members,
in a time before the coming of the Europeans
UTT Year 2
BFA Animation
In the year 2025 the little island of the future,
Malipocu is home to a little girl named Maggie
with a big brain and an even bigger imagination.
Maggie’s secret weapon is the high tech glasses
that her father made for her, these glasses allow
her to see beyond the natural ability of the human
eye opening her world to new and exciting possibilities.She and her band of friends traverse the adventurous
worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering,
the Arts and Mathematics.
Scraps The
Kevin Bhall
An animated web series following the exciting
adventures and misadventures of Scraps, a stray cat
who lives in a rural Caribbean fishing village.
Gecko, The Animated Series
Ramsay McBean
Ramon lives in paradise. A beautiful island kissing the
sun and the sea out there in the Caribbean. But Bastian
wanted more than anything to go to London. To see the
sights, smell the smells and feel the feels. He knew
everything about the place, and tried a thousand times to
get there.But one day he had to stop trying. Because
Ramon came along. He had a different kind of adventure
to embark on. The greatest adventure of all. Being a
parent. So when the time came, Ramon lived his father’s
dream. To go to London.
Full circle Animation
Follow the livestream of the uncontainable
Zoey as she leads her bestie Laurie and brothers
TJ/ Denzil and Angel in their very own
Do -It-Yourself fix it show  to fix everything
from the leaky faucet  to the future of the universe.
Birds of a
Trinidad and
Network (TTAN)
When Clyde, a former racing pigeon has his girlfriend
kidnapped by a wild meat vendor during the Carnival
season, he must band together with other animals to
deal with the new threat to their existence

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